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Within this project, young men and women are inspired to become innovative leaders in their schools for the promotion of non-violence, healthy lifestyles, and gender equality amongst their peers. CARE’s Program Y curriculum is intended for school staff and peer educators to teach young people how to make informed decisions for their own health and wellbeing, become roles models in their social milieu, and cultivate a peer environment that favors non-violence, gender equality, tolerance, and greater choice.

A comprehensive Manual for educators in high schools and youth workers “Program Y – Youth“ is a tool that was developed out of the Young Men Initiative by CARE International Balkans and its collaborative partners from Western Balkans countries focused on addressing gender inequalities, harmful health practices and violence in everyday life with young men and young women age from 14 till 19 in schools and the community.

The Program Y – Youth Manual is a training manual that aims to promote gender equality and healthy lifestyles with young men and women by addressing some of the social constructions of masculinity (ies) and feminity(ies) as a strategy for building important life skills in young men and young women as they emerge into young adulthood. Through our program, we prepare interested individuals to become our allies among coaching teachers and interested young people who will educate their peers. We believe this will help create greater synergy among youth organizations, schools, Ministries of Education, parents and students.

In 2018, an online version of the Program Y course within the Young Men Initiative project has been developed. This educational program serves as a guideline for an innovative approach to preventing gender-based violence, and promotes healthy lifestyles for young men and women

Program Y is accredited in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo. It is part of mandatory school curriculum in Herzegovina-Neretva Canton and Bosnia-Podrinje Canton in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Until now more than 1300 teachers have successfully completed Y-program training in the Balkan countries.

Until now, we have developed 4 language versions of the online course intended for teachers in Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia, Kosovo and Serbia.

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English and Albanian version of the online course are in the process of development; however we invite you to download Program Y toolkit and start learning now!

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CARE’s Program Y offers a piloted and widely implemented education program which has reached more than 100,000 high school students in over 130 communities in Balkan region, and now it is in your hands. We hope it will be useful for you, your students, your school and your community! Good luck with implementation and if you have any questions please contact us.

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