CARE works in partnership with local NGOs - promoters of healthy lifestyles, gender equality and nonviolence.

CARE International Balkans

CARE International in Balkans has existed since 1992. Since its early days, CARE’s programme has expanded and elaborated to meet the changing needs of the region’s vulnerable population. CARE mission was to contribute to post-war recovery and the socio-economic development through the former Yugoslavia.

CARE in the Balkans now consists of four program offices based in Sarajevo, Belgrade, Skopje and Pristina. CARE’s program office from Sarajevo manages smaller project related offices in Banja Luka, Srebrenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina), . CARE is working under a light model of operation which requires greater partnership with local civil society organisation, NGOs networks and governments.

CARE in the Balkans has been focused on two key areas: Gender Equality program and Social and Economic Inclusion program and following strategic objectives:

  • To strengthen processes that support the return of people to their homes of origin, or to provide alternative solutions to the problem of sustainable livelihoods for war-affected people
  • To improve access by the most vulnerable and least advantaged members of society to minimum levels of social protection and entitlement.
  • To increase the effectiveness of civil society to address issues associated with social reconstruction and inclusion.
  • To develop sustainable economic opportunities, and to improve social well-being.

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ACT for SOCIETY Centre

ACT for SOCIETY Centre aim is to enhance the healthy lifestyles and stimulate the sustainable development of society. Its work consists on advocating for democracy and human right issues, promoting culture, connecting youth, stimulating the active participation of young people in the social life and decision-making processes, both in local and national level.

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Association XY

Association XY is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to improve and promote health and healthy lifestyles of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a special focus on young people and marginalized groups. The Association XY uses the principles of evidence-based planning, cross-sector participatory cooperation and partnerships, advocating systematic solutions at all levels of government. In order to provide education and quality and continuous health and non-health services, the Association XY mobilizes experts, young people and volunteers

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Center E8

Center E8 is a youth organization founded in 2004, with head office in Belgrade and regional office in Vranje. With innovative educational programs, campaigns, and through various methodologies, we educate, empower, raise awareness and engage young people on the themes of prevention of violence and discrimination, promotion of gender equality and health, as well as on the importance of active participation.

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Center for Counseling, Social Services and Research – SIT

SIT is a non-governmental and non-profit organization whose mission is to provide professional counseling services, research in various fields and to prevent negative phenomena with the aim of contributing and improving health and social welfare. The main goal of SIT is to provide an inclusive society, from all genders, ethnicities, sexualities or religions and a society where all people are equal and free from discrimination; a world which is violence-free; and where human rights are promoted and protected.

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George Williams Youth Association in Kosovo

George Williams Youth Association in Kosovo is a value based organisation made up of volunteers that aim to inspire and encourage youth leadership and assist in the healthy development of communities. The red triangle of the YMCA also embodies our values and approach to work, the team tries to ensure that all projects help people develop in mind, body and spirit. Their mission is to be an inclusive movement where people grow in mind, body and spirit and to build future and present leaders and investing in youth while Promoting peace and unity and celebrating each other’s differences and diversity.

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Perpetuum Mobile

NGO “Perpetuum Mobile – Institute for Youth and Community Development:” is a nongovernmental organization that strives to create a society that provides respect, success, and opportunities for young people. The organization was formed in July 2006. Founders of Perpetuum Mobile have more than seventeen years of experience in NGO work. Today, Perpetuum Mobile acts in Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond. It has qualified staff that has performed more than 4,000 days of training both in BiH and the region. Also, as an organization open to cooperation it brings together a large number of volunteers and professional associates in the domain of science, politics, economics, and many other areas of society.

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SMART Kolektiv

NGO ”Perpetuum Mobile – Institute for Youth and Community Development” is a nongovernmental organization that SMART is an independent, non-profit organization founded in 2003 in Belgrade. It is a pioneer in promoting the concept of corporate social responsibility and the development of social entrepreneurship in Serbia.

Starting from the idea of connecting business and society, Smart finds ways to apply business experiences and logic in solving social problems, helping companies to articulate and strategically interact with the community, and to various social groups to interest the business world for their needs and initiatives and become more innovative, more efficient and sustainable.

SMART Kolektiv mission is to contribute to positive social changes by connecting companies and civil society organizations, helping companies to adopt social values, and for organizations to develop business skills, innovation and sustainability.

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Status M

Status: M is a non-profit organization with the aim of raising awareness, questioning and deconstructing prevailing social norms and stereotypes. Through non-formal education and grassroot activism, Status: M strengthens and encourages, primarily boys, men and marginalized members of society, to actively contribute to the transformation of our society. By informing the public, strengthening experts and advocating the improvement of public policies and practice, Status: M is building a non-violent, inclusive, and gender-equal society..

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Youth Power

YOUTH POWER is a non-governmental organization whose vision is a society where young people are respected, successful and have the opportunity to develop their potentials. Our mission is to create inclusive societies through advocacy, education and promotion of healthy lifestyles, equality, dialogue, violence prevention and community engagement.

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Youth Educational Club – Synergy

Youth Educational Club Synergy is a non-governmental organization from Kosovska Mitrovica that advances the status of youth through education, research, promotion, and prevention. Civic activism, gender equality, and non-violent behavior are the core values of our work. YEC Synergy is comprised of 220 volunteers and youth workers dedicated to improving the status of young people in North Kosovo.

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