What Is Program Y?

Innovative Approaches in GBV Prevention and Healthy Lifestyle Promotion for Young Men and Women

WHAT: The Program Y – Youth is a training manual that aims to promote gender equality and healthy lifestyles with young men and women by addressing some of the social constructions of masculinity(ies) and femininity(ies) as a strategy for building important life skills in young men and young women as they emerge into young adulthood.

This manual consists of 4 thematic educational parts:

  • Identity development
    • Identity, sense of self, and feelings
    • Gender and gender norms
  • Violence is OUT
    • From violence to peaceful coexistence
    • From violence to respect in intimate relationships, self-control and managing emotions
    • Psychoactive substances
  • Sexuality and protection of sexual and reproductive health and rights
    • Healthy sexuality, adolescent pregnancies and sexual and reproductive health and rights
    • Pregnancy, yes or no, sexually transmitted infections and HIV and AIDS
  • Parents of the 21st century
    • Fatherhood and motherhood

WHO: Program Y is focused on addressing gender inequalities, harmful health practices and violence in everyday life with young men and young women age from 14 till 19 in schools and community.

This manual is intended for use by teachers, professional staff, health workers, and/or other experts, educators, trainers or volunteers that work with or would like to work with young people.

WHERE and HOW: Every activity is designed to last between 45 and 90 minutes and can be implemented in different environments, from schools, youth, and sports clubs to parks and reformatories for juveniles. It is also necessary for the person who is planning and implementing the workshops to foster a safe environment for learning and completing the different exercises included in this manual. Persons who are implementing educations should be trained, experienced and skilled educators (for more how to become one check our E-COURSE or CONTACT us directly).

WHY: We have created this manual and offered it to schools, organizations, and individuals for free usage so they can use these new and proven principles as a valuable resource for promoting responsible, non-violent, gender equality and healthier decision-making.

WHEN: Start now. Download Program Y and learn more.

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