Most significant change stories

Prevention of gender-based violence in the Western Balkans – brief history of our work

Borisav, 19, peer educator

“No lies, no deceiving people, no judging – YMI challenged my limits of thinking. I was part of the program, now I insist that young people participate.”

Kristinka, Teacher, Industrial Engineering School, Zagreb

“Teens need the most attention and understanding when they least deserve it. YMI taught me to improve my communication with teens, helped me to understand them better.”

Endrit, 17 years, Pristina

“Through the YMI, I discovered that I love acting and I’ve met wonderful people with whom I can discuss various topics and who inspire me to become better person.”

Krista, 16 years, Tirana

“At the BMC, I learnt a great deal on how to express my emotions in a healthy way and how to control my initial thoughts and reactions. “

Nevena, 18 years Trn

“YMI program opened a variety of ways for me to develop. It gave me space to express myself and so far, I initiated “my” podcast channel, called – BMC BL – “

Ishak, Mostar

“I used to humiliate and insult peers on a regular basis. Now, my parents see a positive change. I am working hard as BMC member, because I care and found some great friends there as well.”

Ružica, Mostar

“I see the BMC as one small family which members help and support each other in any given situation. There I have met so many positive people outside of my city and country who have made a big influence on me.”

Dženis, Sarajevo

“Thought that BMC is boring. Today they are my family that enables me to be what I am today, and that is a person who helps others, listens and gives advice and teach others how to fight violence.”

Amer, Sarajevo

“It used to be quite normal to watch arranged fights in the school yard. With BMC I realized that there is a better life, in which I am a person helping others & showing them better way forward.”

Nikola, Belgrade

“When someone made fun of me, I would walk in and hit him, without thinking. I managed to grow up and to change my way of thinking, and the BMC has helped me on that journey.”

“Miomir, Belgrade”

I used to mock others, ridicule them, for no reason whatsoever. Now my goal is to influence others around me, to help other young people change and to stop violence that exist in our society.

“Alban, Pristina”

I started to contribute much more in-house chores and to help my parents. What I find important about the BMC is the struggle for equality and respect for diversity.

“Valentin, Pristina”

I used to abuse and judge others by their appearance. Now I feel bad about that and I am trying to influence all my friends around me not to judge others before getting to know them.

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