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Join the Program Y community! We work by addressing gender inequalities and promoting healthy lifestyles for young boys and girls.

We have talked a lot on this page. We have given you information. We have given you knowledge. We have told you what we did, what we do and what will we keep doing. We have told you that you have the power to create better world for you and for others. Get involved and help others, because you can. Contact us, involve yourself in education, share and spread the information or donate to our cause.

For more on who to do all of this call us or just write an email to our partners or CARE International Balkans:

CARE International Balkans HQ Sarajevo Office
Hasana Kaimije 11, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tel: +387 33 536 790
Fax: +387 33 536 791


Banja Luka: Aleja Svetog Save 7a/17, 78000
Saša Petković, Project Manager, [email protected]
Miroslav Blagojević, Project Officer, [email protected]

Belgrade: Kneza Višeslava 88, 11030
Marina Starčević Cviko, Project Manager, [email protected]
Emilija Milenković, Project Manager, [email protected]

Pristina: Gazmend Zajmi 21, 10 000 Pristina, Kosovo*
Blinera Leci, Project Coordinator, [email protected]

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