CARE staff meeting is currently ongoing in Belgrade. Meeting is oriented towards summarizing achievement and successes of YMI (Young Men Initiative) in last 15 years. So far, more than 50.000 young boys and girls around Balkan region got involved into the project (https://youngmeninitiative.net/).

In the beginning, project was focused on working solely with the young men, and over the time it has developed as a comprehensive methodology which included working with both boys and girl on building their capacities on gender equality and violence prevention mechanisms. Approach includes direct work with youth, teachers, schools and educational institutions. At this phase, project implementation will be realized Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania.

YMI (Young Men Initiative) is now reaching a new beginning. In synchronized manner, CARE will build capacitates of local NGOs, foster peer-to-peer education and raise awareness of the youth and professionals in building society with greater understanding, decreased violence as well as developing social and life skills for “creation of better life and society”.

Projects will be implemented by CARE International in close cooperation with the local partners. Donors and project in next three years are:

Swiss development agency SDC for Project: Young Men Initiative (YMI): Promoting Healthier Lifestyles and Decrease of Interpersonal Violence among Youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina by Challenging Gender Stereotypes; Phase III

“We consider ourself (CARE) as innovative people with innovative spirit and approach in project design, as we are constanly founding ways to do things innovatively”, says Saša Petković, YMI Project manager.

This is chance for creation a new positive story with already established network of local NGO partners, schools, taking into account achieved results and legacy of the more than 15 years of the work with youth and professionals around the region.

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